State Street Corporate

Corporate Overview

Partners and Affiliates

We understand that there is no “one-size-fits-all” suite of services, and that individual markets can get lost in the big picture. That is why we partner with business leaders across the world to offer best-in-class services in key niche markets.

Investment Management

State Street Global Alliance, LLC 
State Street Global Advisors and APG, a Dutch pension services company, created a jointly owned subsidiary, State Street Global Alliance, LLC, focused on partnering with innovative asset management firms.

Investment Servicing

Boston Financial Data Services, Inc.  
Boston Financial Data Services, Inc. (BFDS), a joint venture of State Street and DST Systems, Inc., is a leading provider of high-quality shareholder services to the US mutual fund and retirement plan markets. The company's services include recordkeeping, transaction processing, reporting, regulatory compliance, and reconciliation and control.

Elkins/McSherry, LLC 
A wholly owned subsidiary of State Street, Elkins/McSherry is a leading trading cost consultant, monitoring costs for many of the world's largest pension plans, investment managers and broker/dealers. Utilizing specialized reports, Elkins/McSherry provides trading efficiency analyses that determine the relative cost to trade on various stock exchanges globally and the effectiveness of trades and brokers. Through Elkins/McSherry, State Street offers clients expertise and credibility in transaction cost measurement, an increasingly important tool for global investors.

International Financial Data Services
International Financial Data Services (IFDS), a joint venture of State Street and DST Systems, Inc., offers the global collective investment industry specialized shareholder and investor servicing solutions to ensure fund managers have the technological and servicing edge to excel in their core business. Serving Canada, Europe and Asia, the company's services include advanced investor recordkeeping, e-business, reporting and workflow management in multiple languages and currencies.

International Fund Services
International Fund Services (IFS), acquired by State Street in July 2002, is a recognized industry-leading provider of fund accounting, fund administration and risk services to hedge funds and private equity funds.  These services are fully integrated to provide complete end-to-end solutions that span the front-, middle- and back-office requirements of institutional investors.

Princeton Financial Systems, Inc.
Princeton Financial Systems, a State Street company, is a leading provider of investment accounting, investment compliance, data management, performance measurement and reporting solutions to the global investment industry.  Our services are used worldwide by more than 430 leading investment managers, custodians, insurance companies, pension funds, hedge funds and banks in 40 countries:

  • Our PAM family of systems provides industry-leading international investment accounting solutions that support the accounting needs of 370 clients around the globe.

  • MIG21, our investment compliance and risk monitoring solution, optimizes and automates pre-trade and post-trade compliance checking, the administration of regulatory, prospectus, and internal investment guidelines, along with the consequent resolution workflows.

  • DVS Fund Warehouse is our platform for data management, reporting and analysis purpose-built for the investment industry. DVS Publisher Suite automates reporting processes for factsheet production, client and regulatory reporting, as well as statutory reporting.

The WM Company
The WM Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of State Street, is a world leader in performance measurement and investment administration services. Located in the UK, the WM Company collects and analyzes large amounts of financial data to help clients make informed investment decisions.

Investment Research and Trading

State Street Associates, LLC (SSA)
State Street Associates, LLC (SSA) is a partnership of industry and academia dedicated to delivering investment managers preeminent research in global asset allocation and currency management — unrivaled in the industry today. State Street Associates' products are available as analytical tools delivered over the State Street Global Link® platform or through advisory and investment management relationships. These products serve as essential assets for global investors at all stages of the investment process.

Blending the global assets, experience and intellectual capital of State Street Corporation, Windham Capital Management Boston, LLC and FDO Partners, LLC, State Street Associates provides leading-edge portfolio flow research, optimization and risk management technology, currency management in both developed and emerging markets, and global asset allocation.

FDO Partners is dedicated to providing world-class currency and country investment management and advisory services. Windham Capital Management Boston provides investment management and advisory services to the institutional investment community — specializing in currency management, global asset allocation and risk analysis.