State Street Corporate


State Street University

Long-Term Investment

At State Street, we recognize that our people are our most valuable asset. We are committed to providing all of the resources our employees need to succeed and that our business needs to deliver exceptional client service. By helping our employees at every level reach their personal and professional goals, we are investing in them – and in the future of our business.

State Street University (SSU) is a development platform that provides employees access to resources to support their careers at State Street. On an annual basis, SSU has more than 200,000 enrollments and more than 22,000 employees attend one or more programs. Whether employees are looking to gain specific technical expertise, business and communications skills, or leadership training, they have access to a wide variety of courses, tools and resources.

Global and Customizable

Our programs are designed for all experience levels and are offered globally, in a mix of online- and classroom-based learning. We continuously enhance our courses to provide the latest regulatory and industry developments to help employees navigate the increasingly complex environment in which we operate with our clients.

SSU is committed to delivering the highest-quality development opportunities with programs that cover:

  • Leadership and Management Development

    • Negotiation Skills

    • Presentation Skills

  • Professional Development

    • Coaching and Mentoring

    • Job Rotation

    • Career Planning

    • Internships

  • Business Development

    • Products and Solutions

    • Markets

    • Regulatory

SSU provides a platform for our employees to take advantage of the extensive resources available and create tailored plans to meet their needs. At State Street we are committed to providing our employees with opportunities to learn and develop their careers.