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Inclusion and diversity are strategic imperatives at State Street.  As a global company, what we value most about our more than 29,000 employees are the qualities that make them unique — their experiences, interests and capabilities. Global Inclusion is our company-wide effort to ensure that every one of our employees feels engaged and valued by recognizing and utilizing their unique talents.

Below are just a few of the key programs and activities we offer as part of our Global Inclusion initiative:


State Street Flexible Work Program Office


Our global mentoring program


Various Employee Networks and Affinity Groups, which create the grassroots infrastructure for our inclusion efforts


Sponsorship of multiple external events and organizations focused on diversity and inclusion,  including 1,000+ State Street attendees at the Massachusetts Conference for Women in 2009


A formal Work/Life program to address the needs that all employees have in integrating their professional lives and personal responsibilities


A reward and recognition program for employees who display best-practice inclusion behavior


An enhanced governance structure for inclusion, featuring executive vice president-level leadership and a 30-member global working group


A personal development goal for all employees on Inclusion-related behavior woven into our performance management system


Our annual global Employee Engagement Survey and other opportunities to garner employee feedback,  like the recent launch of our “Voices of Inclusion” program

Employee networks

Employee networks are created when employees come together around a common goal, seek to increase their visibility across the company and recognize that State Street could benefit from their unique perspectives. Open to all employees, these networks create volunteer, career development and cultural opportunities that align with members’ unique goals and interests and currently include:

> Asian Professionals Group

> Jewish Professionals Network

> Bible Study Group

> Language Practice Network

> Black Professionals Group

> Latin American Professionals Group

> Catholic Employee Network

> Muslim Employee Network

> CFA Network

> Paris African Network

> CPA and CA Study Network

> Professional Women's Network

> Chinese Employee Network

> State Street Connect

> Disability Awareness Alliance

> State Street Executive Assistants Network

> Employee Preparedness & Response    Employee Network

> State Street PRIDE

> Indian Employee Network

> Global Toastmasters Network

> International & Cultural Exchange Network

> Military Employee & Family Member Network

> Italian-American Employee Network

> Working Parents Group

> Irish-American Professionals Network

> Zhejiang Professional Network


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At State Street, we believe that the power of our organization comes from our people. Organizational sustainability is dependent on meeting our employees’ diverse needs in ways that also address business needs. We have found that by creating a more flexible work environment, we can address business and personal needs simultaneously, and produce positive outcomes for both.

If business needs allow, flexible work arrangements can assist employees in balancing work and personal commitments by providing flexibility in designing alternatives to the traditional workday, the standard workweek, or the traditional workplace.  Through our formal Flex Work Program, we offer our employees the opportunity to request from five formal flex work options: Flex Place (remote working), Flex Time, Compressed Schedules, Reduced Schedules or Job-Sharing. 

Learn More

•         Flex Overview

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Through our Global Mentoring program, our employees teach, coach and guide one another to make the most of personal and professional growth opportunities. It also helps employees create connections and strengthens the work community across diverse locations, functions and business lines.

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Employee feedback

Through our annual Employee Engagement Survey, we measure levels of employee commitment and engagement across our organization and ensure that our Inclusion programs are designed to support any needs identified through the survey.

We launched a “Voices of Inclusion” program in the third quarter of 2009 to help foster inclusion across the company. The program provides a forum for members of State Street’s senior executives to hear directly from groups of employees in informal settings.

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Sponsorships and partnerships

In our locations around the world, we work with many organizations to ensure that our employees have access to career development resources:

Association of Latino Professionals in Finance & Accounting
Diversity Best Practices
Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD)
Human Rights Campaign
National Association of Black Accountants
National Association of Asian American Professionals
National Black MBA Association
Network of South Asian Professionals
Point Foundation
The Global Workforce Roundtable
The Greater Boston Morehouse College Alumni Association (GBMCAA)
The Massachusetts Conference for Women
The Posse Foundation
Urban League
YMCA Black Achievers

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Opportunity Now
Race for Opportunity
Women in Banking and Finance
Working Families
Parks – Liberi e Uguali
Women in Business – Poland

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Women in Banking and Finance
Diversity Council of Australia

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