Retiree Services

Our retiree services include:

Benefit Disbursements
State Street provides a wide range of disbursement services through our dedicated Retiree Services Department. These services include payments under defined benefit, defined contribution, supplemental, and non-qualified plans processing recurring, off-cycle, and daily lump sum payments via check, electronic funds transfer (EFT), and direct deposit. Our payment service includes gross to net calculation, clearing, reconciliation, and control reports. Also included is tax calculation, withholding, remittance, reporting, and reconciliation for federal, state, and non-resident alien (NRA) taxes.
Retiree Administration

Today's retirees are more sophisticated than ever. Responding to their expectations for increasingly complex and superior service often places a burden on plan sponsors' resources. In response, Retiree Services' suite of administration services fully supports benefit disbursements, relieving sponsors of potentially unmanageable demands on budget and staff.

The Retiree Administration service array includes:

  • Participant Service Center - With their specialized training and skills in serving retirees, Participant Service Representatives manage participant inquiries from the initial call, through pension payment verification, forms processing and tax form duplicates, along with stop payments and re-issues, to research and final resolution
  • Administrative Support - Provides comprehensive back-office support of retiree population. Administrative support services include research and correspondence on overpayment recovery, outstanding checks and death audit research
  • Event-Driven Changes - Supports all activities associated with specific scheduled and non-scheduled future events, including active-to-retirement processing, death processing, disability-to-retiree processing, financial change notification, death processing of contingent annuitants and Medicare Part B processing

Our flexible, customized solutions are designed to complement sponsors' overall benefit administration strategies, to help improve service quality and to lower costs, while enhancing accuracy, timeliness and responsiveness. Please contact your Retiree Services representative to learn more about State Street Retiree Administration Services. is a Web-based tool that provides retired plan participants with direct and secure access to their personal payment information. With 24-hour online availability, easy-to-navigate screens and immediate confirmation of changes, offers retirees the ability to access their record of payments disbursed over an 18-month period, review income and deduction detail, and update account information.

The system also provides a forum for plan sponsors to communicate directly to retirees regarding timely special event announcements and upcoming deadlines.

Contact Information
For questions on your individual pension, retirement, 401(k) or IRA plans including 1099ís, address changes and bank direct deposit changes, contact us.

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