About the Program

Our Spirit of State Street Alumni Volunteer Program provides an opportunity for retired and former employees to help others through community service. The program connects alumni and current State Street employees by establishing meaningful volunteer opportunities that address community needs.

Program Goals

  • Cultivate opportunities for alumni to continue making a difference by using their time and talents to address the needs of the greater community
  • Create a social outlet for alumni by providing volunteer opportunities and outreach efforts that also enhance personal growth and development
  • Expand the network of State Street ambassadors in the community
  • Provide a means for alumni to build and maintain strong relationships with fellow alumni and current State Street employees


Since the program launched in 2003, alumni have contributed thousands of hours of volunteer service in the greater Boston area and beyond, saving our charitable partners more than $245,000 in potential salaries.

In 2009 alone, we reported:

  • 27 nonprofit organizations served
  • 125 volunteer events completed
  • 2,750 hours of service to the community

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